WynkAR is a revolutionary app that allows you to reimagine and reinvent your adverts by using augmented reality (AR) in your day-to-day marketing operations. Whether it’s a tiny newspaper clipping, a roadside poster or a traditional magazine advert, WynkAR will bring it to life with a touch of AR. By converting an image into an animation with multiple dimensions, WynkAR is designed to give your customers a more interactive and engaging brand experience. Developed by digital disruptor Arimac, WynkAR is a world-class, affordable AR solution that is being used by leading brands across the globe.

Why WynkAR?
  • A more personalized experience for your customers.
  • An ad that will stand out in a sea of nondescript adverts.
  • A great way to drive traffic to your online channels.
  • No time or money wasted on additional app development.
  • No set up fee.
It’s easy, fast and affordable!
  • Plug and play – run your campaign in a few hours.
  • Simply scan your image through the app, and it will be converted into an AR masterpiece.
  • Clear your queries at the 24x7 technical help desk.
  • Get assistance and guidance on concepts and creative aspects.
  • Pay only a monthly subscription.